Mark & Margaret

I had the honor of photographing my brother in laws engagement photos a few weeks ago. I am so excited to be adding a sister to the family!! She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and she fits in just perfect with all of us!

For this session we traveled to Aggieland, Margaret is a Texas A&M Graduate. Her and Mark both love College Station. I had fun exploring the city and I will definitely be back, even if just for lunch at the DELICIOUS Hullabaloo Diner (thank you for lunch Mark).

We spent the first part of the morning traveling around campus starting at The Century Tree then Kyle Field and everywhere in between!





Bottle Cap Alley was next on our stop!  I had never been to College Station except to drive through it, so I had fun exploring the city with this couple.  I will most likely say this many times, but I love being taken to places that are special to the people I am photographing. Clients are more comfortable in surroundings that they are familiar with and that shows in their images!




Around the corner is the infamous Dixie Chicken! These are probably some of my favorites. I love the rustic wood and the walls of these buildings!



We finished the day at The Barbara Bush Rose Garden! Oh my, the roses there are phenomenal! I have never seen roses so vibrant and full and I just had to snap a few shots of Margaret’s gorgeous ring!



I am so excited for the destination wedding in October. It is going to be PERFECT!


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